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Leah Buller | Texty Tours
NOISE Partners with Texty Tours
Content Delivery for the Palm of Your Hand

Omaha, NE:
Texty Tours, an Omaha based company specializing in text-based content delivery is set to team up with NOISE to provide the digital platform and tech support for this groundbreaking publication.  NOISE, North Omaha Information Support Everyone, is a new community-led news network committed to strengthening information creation and distribution in North Omaha.  This is a grassroots news network determined to close the information gap in North Omaha by connecting people to the news they need delivered by the people they trust.
“Texty Tours is very excited to work with NOISE on this important project and we look forward to helping promote this effort by providing not only a platform for their content, but also an interaction point for building more connected communities”, says co-founder Luke Armstrong. Subscribers of NOISE will have a print option as well as a free digital publication to be released monthly.  The text notifications will consist of a short message as well as the NOISEOmaha.com URL link to the mobile only version.  Subscribers can expect new articles alongside image galleries, video and links to further their reading experience.  Sign up is as simple as visiting NOISEOmaha.com or dialing 402-807-5076 and pressing one to receive the text link.
“NOISE has to be as flexible and dynamic as the people for which we create.  Delivering content on diverse platforms enables us to connect with people in a way that is right for them.  By doing so, we are establishing a strong presence and value unique to the current local information landscape,” says Dawaune Lamont Hayes, founder and director of NOISE.  By providing readers with text alerts and a digital platform to consume the publication, subscribers will not have to seek out the information they crave and instead will have it in the palm of their hand.  Unique features of the digital publication include:
  • Easy subscribe to digital publication at NOISEOmaha.com or by phone call
  • Subscribers get text alerts and notifications of new publications
  • Content delivery across all smartphones
  • Capture, manage and analyze subscriber data
  • No app to download
Texty Tours is a software startup located in Omaha, specializing in data collection through a custom platform of guided tours and experiences.  These unique guided experiences help promote locations, events, publications, businesses, non-profit and neighborhood associations and ser68ves the content via SMS technology.  For more information about Texty Tours, please visit TextyTours.com or contact info@textytours.com



518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 810-8887