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How does Texty Tours work?

Texty Tours is a web-based application, which means there is no app store download.  Texty Tours acts like a virtual tour guide which begins with a form on a mobile friendly website.  The experience then continues by texting participants information about tour stops directly to their phone.

1.) A tour participant will start by visiting your custom Texty Tours website
Give it a test drive, go to HistoricMidtownOmaha.com or CaliCommons.tours

2.) Get registered 
Once you arrive you’ll register with your email address and cell phone number.  Click on the link sent to your phone via text message.  You’ll be redirected to select which available tour you’d like to go on.

3.) Choose a tour
The mobile tour browser screen lets you browse from the available tours before choosing.  Choose to “Launch Tour” and you'll recieve your text invite to the tour you've chosen.  You can click this reusable tour link start your text tour. You’ll be able to take this tour again using this very same text message link.

4.) Depart on your adventure
With easy access to a map and list of stops you’ll know where you are going, before you begin.

Check out the demonstration!

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518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 810-8887