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Friends of Art was formed in the early 1990s by a group of art aficionados.  The group formed “Friends of Art” with the objective of supporting art and art history through scholarships awarded to students working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in major studies in the curricula of the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, UNO.  

Four scholarships are offered to a junior or and senior each school year majoring in Studio ArtPrint MakingArt History and Art Education.  The scholarship winners are identified by the faculty of the Department of Art and Art History at the University. 

A scholarship is also presented to the UNO student who wins the annual juried Student Art Show.
Friends of Art also provides a grant and other monetary gifts to the UNO Department of Art and Art History.

2016-2017 Scholarship Awards

$1500 Art Education
Alissa Rosentrater
$1500 Studio Art
Rico Childs
$1500 Art History
Leah Strong
$500 Majeski 
Kathryn Baker

Juried Art Show winner Rico Childs

2015-2016 Scholarship Awards

$1500 Art Education
Michael Gambrel
$1500 Studio Art
McKenzie Phelps
$1500 Art History
James Selders
$500 Majeski 
Amanda Caillau

Juried Art Show winner Cangshu Gran

2014-2015 Scholarship Awards

$1500 Art Education
Nicole Novacek

$1500 Studio Art
Nicholas P Clark

$1500 Art History
Christa Pier

$500 Majeski 
Cangshu Gran

Juried Art Show winner Debbie Lucas Allen

2013-2014 Scholarship Awards

$1,500 Art Education
Ronee Smith

$1,500 Studio Art
Kelli McDanal

$1,500 Art History
Elizabeth Boutin

$500 Majeski
Bridgette Alsbury

Juried Art Show winner Nga-Man Chan

$500 UNO Department of Music
$1,000 Departmental Grant

Past Scholarship Reciepients

2012 Cosgrove, Marietta
2012 Sedrel, Jeffrey (1 semester)
2012 Pham, Xuan
2012 Johnson, Verna
2011 Cosgrove, Marietta
2011 Smith, Dawn
2011 Pham, Xuan
2011 Ashcroft, Samantha
2010 Nye, Amanda
2010 Sloup, Benjamin
2010 Miller, Brian
2009 Clark, Erin
2009 Nye, Amada
2009 Helms, Julie
2009 Svoboda, Maggie
2008 Rodrigues-Reed, Ashley
2008 Barnard, Bailey
2008 Condon, Kathleen
2008 Truax, Emily
2007 Mlady, Becky
2007 Svagera, Chad
2007 Keenan, Anna
2007 Pankowski, Joseph
2006 Mlady, Becky
2006 Owens, Tammi
2006 Pierce. Katrina
2006 Rodriguez-Reed, Ashley
2005 Osugi, Francis
2005 Brazeak, Elise
2005 Vargas, Bart
2005 Curtis Marolf, Curtis
2004 Alarie, Shayla    
2004 Buda, Joey         
2004 Ohlenbusch, Kara  
2004 Marchio, Hannah   
2003 Siemers, Jacklyn
2003 Corwin, Melissa
2003 Bock, Karol Ann
2003 Seibutyte, Indre
2002 Bruce, Amy
2002 Findley, Adam
2002 Sopsack, Julie
2001 Acker, Jordan
2001 Dammer, Kim
2001 Findley, Adam
2000 Schaecher, Laura
2000 Brasile, Monica
2000 Hansen, David
University of Nebraska, Omaha 6001 Dodge Street, WFAB 315
Omaha, NE 68182-0011