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The Get Reviews section of the Review App is where you can find a variety of ways to solicit reviews. There are 3 main features to this area listed below. For a general overview of the Review App click here.

RenMind Wire Reviews

Here are some quick highlights of the Get Reviews Area:

  • Send an Email – This is where you can ask people to review you by single email. If you just completed a job or had a satisfied customer come in, use this area to ask them for some great feedback. Just enter in their name and email with a message (you can also have a default message). You can also use variables to include their name and a link to your existing reviews.
  • Get a Website Button – This is where code snippets are kept that include icons that link to your “Leave a Review” and “Read Our Reviews” landing pages. You can embed these codes in your website. You may have to contact your web developer if you’re unsure.
  • Get a Web Link – These links are a simple way to share your “Leave a Review” and “My Reviews” landing pages in emails, social media… anywhere really.

Overview of Program Areas

Send an Email

This feature gives you the option of directly contacting a client. Send an Email lets you ask for a review from anyone you have an email address for. Maybe you have a newsletter sign up list, pick up a business card, or even a customer emails you. Any of these situations give you an opportunity to ask for feedback on how you’re doing.

Simply fill in the recipient’s name and email address. You can enter in a personal message in the box below and format it any way you like. If you want to include the future reviewer’s name within the email, just click on the {Name} variable in the grey box to the right of the Message to Send box. Don’t forget to add a link for the recipient to leave her review! You can find that link in the variables area. It’s marked as {Review Link} in the same grey box to the right.

We suggest trying out a few messages when you start using Gather Opinion. Maybe pick out 3 good appeals and send them to different clients. Try this out a few times and see which message gets the most responses. Once you get that perfect pitch you can hit the button at the bottom right market, “Set as default message”. This means that message will always appear in your ‘Message to Send’ box and it’ll be ready to go every time you ask someone for a review.

Get a Website Button

What this feature lets you do is add both a “Leave a Review” and “Read Our Reviews” button to your website or blog. These code snippets are inserted (embedded) within your website or blog’s code. The buttons will show up exactly as shown and will be clickable, allowing a visitor to go to the correct “Leave a Review” or “Read Our Reviews” landing page.

With a RenMind Wire landing page you don’t have to worry about this area. Your Reviews will have their own page for visitors to see.

Get a Web Link

This feature is pretty simple. On this page you can see 2 website links. One is for “Leave a Review” and the other is for “Read Our Reviews”. These links actually lead the visitor to what’s called a landing page, which is simply a single web page that will give people a place to leave a review or read your reviews.

The great thing about these links is that you can post them just about anywhere. You can place them in your emails, or ask people for reviews on facebook or twitter. Just copy those links and paste them into a content area. It’s that simple. These work a lot like the website buttons, although they only show up as links, not styled like the buttons. But hey, they both get current and potential customers to the same place – your own review pages.

518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 516-2899