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The Offer App is one piece to the RenMind Wire network of applications. With Offer you can create deals and coupons for your customers. How you share these is up to you. You can embed them in your emails with a link, use Offer’s dedicated landing page, or even highlight one for inclusion on all of your Wire landing pages.

With Offer you can make new connections each time someone signs up to receive a deal. Using the app is simple too. This quick introduction will touch on each of the software’s unique areas to get you started right away.

RenMind Wire - Offer Coupons and Deals

Overview of Program Areas

Deals Area

There are two options in the Deals area that give you the ability to create new coupons or offers, and see which ones are currently running.

Deals – This area shows you which offers are active and which ones you’ve run in the past. You can see the Headline, Subhead and get that offer’s landing page link (you can use this link to post in social media or notify people through email). Clicking the Edit button allows you to change details with your coupons in case you need to make and adjustment.

Add Deal – Creating a new coupon is easy too. Just add an attention grabbing Headline, a more descriptive Subheading and a thorough Description. Your description should give a general outline of exactly what the offer is redeemable for. You can set your deal as Public to everyone, Private and accessible to only Subscribers, and Unlisted, which means a participant must have a direct link. You can also attach a downloadable file, set the Expiration Date and whether you want to set a Verification Code. Don’t forget the Fine Print. This is where you give the terms of the offer in detail and let know people exactly when the coupon expires. I definitely recommend giving your connections as much detail as you can to avoid any future confusion.

Add to Website –This feature gives you flexibility in how you want to feature your offers on your website (You don’t need to use these for your RenMind Wire landing pages). There are a number of different styles. Pick from a Basic Button, a vertical stack to Show All offers, or a Random Coupon that picks one from all of your current offers. Each of these options comes with what’s called a “code snippet”. The lines of code can be copied and pasted to be embedded into your website’s code. These will typically be featured on your websites sidebar. Like I said, if you’re using RenMind Wire and its landing pages, you won’t even need this feature.

Leads Area

Leads are the people who signed up to receive your offer. This page gives you a chance to see how many people signed up, and view their Name, Email and if they are Subscribed. You can also export these leads through a .csv download. If you’d like more information on CSV file formats, click here.

  • Impressions – this number counts each time someone looks at a page the Offer is featured on. Whether it’s your website or on its own landing page, every time a connection sees the Offer on any page it will be counted.
  • Views – this is when someone clicks on a link to a deal or coupon’s own landing page on RenMind Wire. Every time that specific landing page is viewed, then the ‘Views’ number will increase.
  • Leads – this counts the number of people who filled out the form on a deal or coupon’s landing page form completely. If they have filled out all of the required information on the form and received the Offer, then this connection will be counted as a ‘Lead’.

Tracking Area

This is our way of helping you keep tabs on how your coupons and offers are performing. It’s a great way to see what deals and coupons are working. It’s split out into two tabs: By Offers and By Referrer:

By Offers – This gives you the title of the offer, how many impressions it made, offer Views, number of Leads and the Conversion%. Here are more details on the difference between these numbers:

Don’t forget that you can sort offers over different time periods. You can even export a .csv spreadsheet that gives you all available information on the people who signed up for a coupon.

By Referrer – This view lets you see from where a prospect clicked on a link to your coupon or offer. This could be if you pasted a link into Facebook or some other social media, or your website. It really lets you know where you’re getting the most response. You can sort by time period and drill down to specific offers you’ve made.

Settings Area

This area is pretty straight forward. It gives you the ability to set your company’s information on the offer and remind you of important information. Here are the main options:

How would you like your name to appear on your deals? – Just choose the option of what you’d like to include on your coupon’s landing page. You can have just your Company Name, Logo or have both of them included every time you register a new offer.

Notify me when a lead comes in – This just gives you an email update every time a lead comes through when people sign up for a coupon or deal. If you have multiple offers running at once this can be kind of overwhelming, but it’s up to you. It can also be a great way to keep tabs on what’s going on. I definitely recommend leaving this box checked.

Remind me to update my offer every [Week/Two Weeks/Month] – If you want Coupon Tracks to remind you to update your coupons you can check ‘Week’, ‘Two Weeks’ or ‘Month’. You can leave it unchecked too.

Remind me of expired offers – I recommend checking this box. It sends you an email when an offer is expired, which is a great reminder that helps you keep tabs on what coupons are still redeemable.

That’s all there is to it. Using the Offer App is that easy! Setting up your own deals and coupons takes just a little bit of time but the payoff can really make it worth your while. Create multiple Offers and experiment while using the tracking feature to see what works for you.

    518 N 40th St
    Omaha, NE 68131
    (402) 516-2899