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Every time you create a deal or coupon with the Offer App, each one gets its own landing page where connections can sign up to receive them. You can include a link to an Offer landing page in a single or bulk email in just a few steps:

Inside the Offer App

Copy your Offer Landing Page URL

Once you’ve created a coupon or deal you can copy its landing page url. You can find your exact deal or coupon by going to the Offers App, click ‘Deals’ and click the ‘View’ button to the right. When that deal’s landing page comes up you can copy that link and paste it into a convenient place to reference later. Your URL should look something like: http://npihub.net/yourshorturl/CT/singleOffer.php?offerID=001

Inside the Bulk Email Area

Option 1) Paste Your URL Directly into the Email’s Message Body

  1. Navigate to the ‘Contacts’ Area of RenMind Wire. Click ‘Email’ to get to the ‘New Bulk Email’ area.
  2. Enter in the contents of your email.
  3. Now you can simply paste that link you copied from your Offer landing page into the text of your email.

Option 2) Embed Your URL into a Block of Text

The option above may not look the way you’d like it, so there’s another solution below. This is how to embed your Offer in a block of text.

  1. In your email body you can create some text like, "See My Current Offer". You can place this text anywhere in the email message’s body.
  2. Highlight that text with your cursor.
  3. Go to the Editor bar. You’ll see the link button on the same row as the ‘Bold’, ‘Italics’, and other formatting options. Click the link button (It looks like a little green and blue globe).
  4. Copy that link from your Offer landing page again if you need to.
  5. Paste it into the "URL" box, but before you say "OK", do one more thing:
  6. Click the "Target" tab and set the target to "New Window _blank". What this does is when someone clicks that link it will open a whole new tab so they can view both your email and your Offer landing page in separate tabs in their browser.
  7. Click OK. You'll see that the text is now highlighted. When you send out the email people will be able to click that text and will be sent directly to your Offer's landing page.

These are the two quickest, and most efficient, ways of including an Offer link in your email messages. Try it out and see what kind of reaction you get next time you send out your next newsletter.

518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 516-2899