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Email marketing users must be aware of is The CAN-SPAM Act. This rule affects all email messaging from one sender to many recipients. This 2003 law was written in response to those companies who abuse email to send messages to solicit others for commercial purposes. Marketing messages sent without permission may be considered spam and anyone who is accused of this can be blacklisted by their internet service provider (ISP), or even face a monetary penalty. To follow the guidelines of The CAN-SPAM Act you have to get permission to send to each email. This is not legal advice but some general guidelines to follow are:

  1. Clearly give a recipient an Unsubscribe option, and allow them to use that option.
  2. Let people know how long it will take to be Unsubscribed. Best practice is to take them off your list within 5 days.
  3. Use some piece of valid information for your business in your emails, like a mailing address to let people know that they are dealing with a legitimate business.
  4. Act professionally and promptly.

How Wire Helps You Be CAN-SPAM Compliant

Any time someone checks the Opt-in box when signing up for a Giveaway or Offer, leaves a Review or fills out a Form he is giving his consent to receive mass email communication. By giving you permission to send them email newsletters, you are within the CAN-SPAM rules.

The standard wrapper always features a prominent Unsubscribe button at the top and bottom of each email. The wrapper also includes your email address and optionally your business address, so every recipient knows they’re dealing with a legitimate business. There’s also a Sender Details button that says exactly who the sender is and the service they’re using.

We keep track of someone who clicks an Unsubscribe button. They are not taken out of your Contacts area, but they are omitted from receiving emails from one to many. You can still see their contact information and edit it as you’d like.

More Information on the CAN-SPAM Act

These few rules are typically standard practice and are used by the millions of businesses that use email marketing around the world. To see the full FTC guidelines on the CAN SPAM Act see the link below:

Full CAN SPAM Compliance United States here.

If you operate outside of the United States you can see similar rules here.

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