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Dear Reader and Hopefully Future Wire User,

My name’s Bryan and I’m the guy who knows Wire better than anyone, ever. And I’m really excited about telling you all about it. I didn’t develop Wire, but I use it every day for big clients, and small businesses that range from home inspectors to gourmet coffee roasters to landscaping companies. 

I knew that if I got better at explaining how to use Wire, pointing out some of its best features and even essential marketing tips, I could help users get the most out of our software. That’s what this page is for, to help you. You’ll see a variety of topics covered, so you can get started marketing your business with one of the best marketing software platforms out there: Wire.

I put myself through college working for my brother-in-law’s and sister’s business, and got to meet a lot of other people who independently own their own company. Through my family and friends I’ve had the opportunity to understand a lot of what small business owners go through to get the word out about their company. That’s why marketing yourself is so important, and this is how Wire can help.

Talking to some of these folks led me to 3 conclusions about why small business owners don’t invest in a marketing software, and these are my answers to each one:

  • Problem 1) They’re Too Expensive! - Wire was made for the small business owner in mind. We offer a powerful Contact Management System, email newsletter software, blogging and a variety of apps that all work together to help you market in smart ways. Having multiple logins for a bunch of separate software programs that don’t sync together is a pain. Not only that but those costs add up. Wire lets you have one program that covers your marketing needs, saving you time and money.
  • Problem 2)Who Needs the Frustration of Dealing With a Complicated Software? - Wire isn't complicated, I promise. There’s a learning curve just like any other software, but that’s what this blog is for. You can also access any of our help materials in your account’s Knowledge Base. I’m here to help you understand how to use it and even help you market in new ways. I think you’ll be surprised when you start creating content and using the apps, then promoting it on social media. You’ll get better and better, and when you see how you can use Wire to connect with clients and gain leads, you might even call yourself a marketing expert.
  • Problem 3) I Don’t Have Time For Marketing… I’m Too Busy Running a Company! - I want to help you with that too. We’re developing new and better ways to help you find resources to write content for your blog, and even how to repurpose content you’ve already created to make great email newsletters and social media posts. This Wire Blueprint Resource is going to keep adding useful articles, and I’m going to give you tips you may not have thought of when it comes to planning and running marketing campaigns. When you get used to Wire your efforts will become natural and you’ll save a whole lot of time.

And that’s why I really do believe Wire can help you run your company better, save you time, make real connections with clients and market to get leads. Keep checking in to see what new news we have for you. We don’t want you to just buy a software and be confused, or worse yet, give up. Try Wire and with our help you’ll continually grow your marketing skills.

Remember, my name’s Bryan and I’m a marketing guy from South Omaha. I get why people get frustrated using new software and I’m here to help you get the most of Wire. I want you to be excited about marketing your company and growing your business. If you’re having a problem or have an idea for an article, email me at support@renmind.com. If you already have a Wire account, send a note through our support area. If you’re having a problem, let me know… I get it.

Nice to meet you,


By the way... our Art Director, Susan, has a blog dedicated to RenMind's Agency Department. And click the following link to see our RenMind Company Wire Page. Check them out!

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