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It's the fourth assignment for the Channel Intro Series. On this one we're going to set up an article in the Publish area of Channel and then add a header image. There is sample text and an image provided below as an example (you can also use your own). We're also going to take a look at other features of Publish.

You can follow along in the video or you can get some tips below:

1. Click this link to download the sample header image. Once the image shows, you can right click on it and select Save As.

2. Save the image to a folder where you can find it again

3. Log into your Channel account and navigate to the Publish app

4. Click 'New Post' to add a new article

5. Add a Title. You can use 'Hello World'

6. Next to 'Header Image' click 'Add Image'

7. A folder directory should show up. Navigate to the folder you saved your image and double click on that image. Your header image should show up now in your Publish article

8. Go ahead and copy the following text:

Welcome to our blog feed.

This is where we're going to keep you updated with all of our latest news, events, and special offers. Keep up to date with what's going on and feel free to share content you enjoy by clicking one of the social media icons below.

Thanks everyone.

9. Navigate to your Publish area and paste this content in the body by right clicking and choosing 'Paste'

10. You can change the formatting of your text to bold certain words or choose other options.

11. Now we're going to make this article go live by selecting 'Now' next to the the 'Post Date'

12. To publish the article you'll click the 'Publish Post' button at the bottom.

13. Your taken to the 'View Posts' area. To view the post you just created, you can click 'View' to the right.

Start the next assignment

To do the last Assignment click here: Channel Assignment #5 – View Your Website and Contact Support. You can also access it by clicking the link in the email we sent you.

518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 516-2899