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Lalibela's Ethiopian Restaurant

Located in the heart of Midtown Omaha, Nebraska, Lalibela's has the finest Ethiopian Cuisine in the city. Come and experience it today!!

Dining in Ethiopia is characterized by the ritual of breaking "Injera" and sharing food from a common plate, signifying the bonds of loyalty and friendship. The traditional way of eating is with one's fingers. Injera is placed on the plate with a variety of "Wots", or stews, decoratively arranged on top of the Injera. A small portion of Injera is torn off and wrapped around a mouthful of the selected wot.

Injera, our staple bread, is a flat bread made of Teff, a fine grain unique to Ethiopia. Wot is a stew which maybe prepared using a variety of meats, fish, and vegetables. Wot is cooked with Berbere (Ethiopian seasoning prepared from matured red chili pepper and other exotic spices) which may range from very mild, to spicy hot. Alitcha is a more mildly spiced stew, prepared with a variety of meats or vegetables.

Ethiopian dishes are prepared with a distinctive variety of unique spices for an unforgettably striking dimension to exotic cookery. To help you make the best of choice for this truly different and exciting dinning experience we offer the following descriptions:

Berbere: A popular Ethiopian seasoning prepared from red chili peppers, garlic, & other spice. Berbere is sun-dried then mixed with more spices & used in wots.

Nitir Kibe: Another Ethiopian basic, Nitir Kibe is pure clarified butter seasoned with several condiments and used in traditional sauteing.

Key Wot: A lively sauce prepared with berbere, nitir kibe & meat, fish or legumes.

Alitcha: A delicately mild sauce made from meat, legumes or beans with garlic, ginger and Ird.

Mitmita: Bird's eye red pepper spiced with cardamom & salt, usually served with Kitfo. 



Taste Of Ethiopia

Combination Plate - $15.00

A filling platter of injera, traditional ethiopian bread, with a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes including tibs, doro wot, salad, cabbage, cheese and lentils.

Vegetarian - $15.00

A fantastic combination of plate minus the meat and cheese.

National Dishes

Doro Wot - $12.00

A favorite national dish of chicken in red pepper sauce served with a hard-boiled egg.

Kunta Fir Fir - $13.00

A traditional meal of pieces of beef sauteed in spices, butter and onion mixed with pieces of injera.

Lalibela Menu

Tibs - $11.00

Wonderfully tasty grilled beef.

Kitfo - $11.00

Finely chopped and marinated raw fresh beef seasoned with mitmita, hot pepper and spice powder and kibe a clarified spiced butter.

Zil Zil - $13.00

A special treat of stir fried beef strips, onion and peppers.

Gored Gored - $13.00

Lean cubes of beef meat mixed with spicy butter sauce and awaze, a paste of hot peppers containing garlic, ginger, and spices.

Key Wot - $12.00

A lively sauce with meat prepared with Ethiopian spices and kibe, a char-grilled spiced butter.Lamb Dishes

Yebeg Alicha - $11.00

Distinctive dish of lamb cubes in a mild berbere sauce.


Ethiopian Spiced Tea - $1.00

Mango Juice - $3.00

Soda - $1.00

Bottled Water - $1.00

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4422 Cass Street
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